News Release | Environment Minnesota

Pending Vote in Congress Today Would Water-down Environmental Protections for Public Lands

“Minnesotans don’t want watered-down protections for our clean water.” Said Samantha Chadwick, Preservation Advocate for the grassroots organization Environment Minnesota. The organization and its members are concerned about the bill’s potential impact on public lands in Minnesota as well as treasured lands around the country.

News Release | Environment Minnesota

VIDEO: Fuel Standards Will Push Technology

Environment Minnesota Director Ken Bradley recently spoke with Minnesota 2020 about new fuel economy standards for cars and trucks. You can watch the video here.

News Release | Environment Minnesota

Minnesotans celebrate record-breaking support for curbing carbon pollution

Minnesotans joined together on Monday to highlight broad public support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed carbon pollution standard—a proposed standard to limit industrial carbon pollution from new power plants. This first-ever limit is essential to improving public health and protecting Minnesota's kids.

News Release | Environment Minnesota Research & Policy Center

Clean Cars Would Slash Oil Use and Pollution this Summer

As Minnesotans get ready for summer road trips, an Environment Minnesota Research & Policy Center report finds that cleaner, more fuel efficient cars would significantly slash oil consumption and global warming pollution across the state. The report, Summer on the Road: Going Farther on a Gallon of Gas, was released as the Obama administration is on the verge of finalizing fuel efficiency and global warming pollution standards for cars and light trucks that achieve a 54.5 mpg standard by 2025. 

News Release | Environment Minnesota

An energy switch, waiting to be be flipped

On May 23, Environment Minnesota Director Ken Bradley and Institute for Local Self-Reliance Senior Researcher John Farrell published an opinion piece about Minneapolis's energy future in the StarTribune.