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New Report Outlines Bold Solar Vision for America

From laundromats and universities, to homes and cars, solar energy is already enhancing energy security and reducing pollution in America. A new Environment Minnesota report outlines a vision for using the sun to meet 10 percent of the United States’ total energy needs by 2030.

News Release | Environment Minnesota

Environment Minnesota Warns that Minnesota's Waterways are at Risk of Increased Pollution

Streams and wetlands in Minnesota are at risk of unlimited pollution, according to a report posted today by Environment Minnesota, Courting Disaster: How the Supreme Court Has Broken the Clean Water Act and Why Congress Must Fix It.

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We can save the planet and the plant: Plug-in cars can lower global warming emissions, oil consumption and create good jobs

Plug-in electric cars can lower global warming emissions, oil consumption and create good jobs: we could save the planet and the Saint Paul Ford Assembly Plant

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Green Ideas & Ham Forum To Cover Solar Works for Minnesota

Environment Minnesota started hosting a monthly breakfast forum, Green Ideas and Ham, last year. Since then, our quest for truth, eggs, and creating a healthier planet has led us to lively conversation on Minnesota's most pressing environmental issues. We're rolling into 2011 with a discussion of our Solar Works for Minnesota campaign.

News Release | Environment Minnesota

New Report: Sherburne County Coal Plant Near Becker Is Dirtiest in Minnesota

The Sherburne County coal-fired power plant near Becker, MN is the dirtiest power plant in Minnesota based on carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution ranking it as the 13th dirtiest plant in the country for 2007, according to a new analysis of government data released today by Environment Minnesota.