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Environment Minnesota's Comments to DNR on PolyMet

Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”) is considering a permit to mine from Poly Met Mining, Inc (“PolyMet”). This permit, if approved, would put the St. Louis River and Lake Superior water basins under constant threat. Environment Minnesota believes the permit to mine fails to provide adequate protection for Minnesotans or the state’s precious water resources. Consequently, we call on the DNR to deny PolyMet’s permit to mine.

News Release | Environment Minnesota

Environment Minnesota Responds to Draft Volkswagen Settlement Plan

Last Thursday, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (“MPCA”) released its draft Volkswagen Settlement Beneficiary Mitigation Plan (“the Draft Plan”).[1] This Draft Plan details how the MPCA will spend $47 million in settlement funds from a $15 billion settlement with auto manufacturer Volkswagen, whose vehicles were producing 30-40 times more nitrogen oxide pollution than is allowed by law.

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Progress on Energy Storage Can Expedite Minnesota’s Shift to Clean Energy

According to a new white paper released today by Environment Minnesota, the rapid growth of less expensive wind and solar energy and the plummeting costs of energy storage have led to a six-fold increase in energy storage capacity (excluding pumped hydropower) over the past decade. 

News Release | Environment Minnesota

Right to Repair Legislation Would Reduce Barriers to Repair, Cut Waste

Minneapolis, Minn. - A bill introduced in the Minnesota State Legislature could lower barriers to repair and reduce waste. The bipartisan “Fair Repair ACt (SF 15, Sens. Osmek, Marty and Pratt) requires companies to make replacement parts and tools available to consumers and repair shops and will help increase the viability of repair and reduce waste.

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Federal regulators reject Rick Perry proposal to bail out coal and nuclear plants

Federal regulators have rejected a proposal from Energy Secretary Rick Perry to subsidize unnecessary and aging coal and nuclear power plants at the expense of cleaner, more affordable energy options. The proposed rule was a not-so-thinly veiled effort to prop up dying fossil fuels and undermine modern, clean, renewable energy.