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Environment Minnesota Helps Minnesotans Plug into Clean Energy for Earth Day

On Earth Day, Environment Minnesota released a new guide to help Minnesotans improve the energy performance of their homes and workplaces. The renewable energy and energy-saving measures proposed by Environment Minnesota’s Plug into Clean Energy Guide promise to lower energy bills and reduce pollution from power plants across the state.

News Release | Environment Minnesota

U.S. EPA Protects Public Health with Mercury and Air Toxics Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protected public health today by issuing a new standard to cut mercury and other toxic air pollutants from power plants. The EPA estimates that each year the standard, commonly referred to as the “Mercury and Air Toxics Rule,” will reduce mercury from power plants by 91 percent, prevent 12,200 trips to the hospital, and save 17,000 lives once it is implemented.

News Release | Environment Minnesota

Senator Franken Rejects Assault on Minnesotans’ Health While Senator Klobuchar Sides With Polluters

Yesterday Senator Franken voted against a dangerous attack on Minnesotans’ health that would block the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to clean up dangerous carbon dioxide pollution. Unfortunately Senator Klobuchar voted for dangerous amendments that would threaten Minnesotans’ health. Four proposals, dubbed “The Filthy Four”, that would have prevented the clean-up of carbon dioxide pollution, were considered and blocked in the U.S. Senate.

News Release | Environment Minnesota

Senators Franken and Klobuchar to Vote on Attacks on Public Health Today

Today, Senators Franken and Klobuchar will be voting on proposals that would severely threaten Minnesotans’ health by blocking the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to clean up dangerous carbon dioxide pollution.  Environment Minnesota Field Associate Jessica Buchberger issued the following statement in anticipation of the votes:

“Polluters and their allies in Congress are launching an all-out attack on Minnesota’s public health and our environment today, we’re counting on Senators Franken and Klobuchar to stand up for Minnesotans by voting against this attack. Global warming poses serious threats to Minnesotans’ health, our economy and our future, but these polluters’ proposals would weaken the Clean Air Act’s ability to protect us from the very pollution that is fueling the problem.”

News Release | Environment Minnesota

Congresswoman Bachmann Supports Polluters Over Health of Children

More than 59,000 Minnesota residents in and around Representative Bachmann’s district with asthma, including 213,482 children, are at increased risk of adverse health consequences if she is successful in preventing the US EPA from updating Clean Air Act standards, according to data compiled by the Natural Resources Defense Council and released by Environment Minnesota.  Representative Bachamann has received more than $96,000 from polluters, many of which have made stopping the EPA a high priority.