A quick hello --and a great article

By Timothy Schaefer
State Director

I'm Tim Schaefer, State Director of Environment Minnesota. I'll be doing regular updates here (random thoughts related to our work, gripes about getting around as a non-car owner in the Twin Cities, other things that don't quite fit elsewhere on our site. You know, a blog!)

I'm originally from the Milwaukee suburbs and Minnesota is still pretty new to me --I moved here in September 2017. It's pretty clear that Minnesota has great potential to be the harbinger of change for the whole Midwest, which certainly influenced my decision to come here. I'm still learning the lay of the land here, so I think it'd be neat to share pieces of Minnesota-specific info as I come across them. So that's what I'll do.

My colleague Adair Andre, U.S. PIRG's Zero Waste Fellow, wrote a great article on Hennepin County's expanded composting program. We're all about moving towards a zero waste, 100% renewable, truly sustainable and safe economy, so this is great news. Hopefully the rest of Minnesota will follow suit!